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Delicacy, elegance, refinement, grace… These mean more than qualities for us, because we look at them as virtues, and we believe all women should be able to feel them, to hold an amazing power, which can be found in their image. Appearance says a lot about us, as it’s our introduction letter to the world, and when they go out into the streets, to mark their own beat, we want women to express themselves: To be confident, to exude poise but fierceness at the same time, to take on every challenge, feeling they own every stage.

But a wardrobe to conquer the fields isn’t complete without an element which can turn any basic outfit into a statement: Jewelry. For centuries, women (and men of course) have known how to say something without words, just by their accessories, and how they mix them up on their day to day. We want to be your resource to find opulent, lavish jewelry, at great prices (almost like a bargain, without sacrificing the quality you need).

Since 2015, BBT Store has centered its efforts in uniting the best accessories, all into one place. Through hunting, searching, exploring and learning, our store provides you with all types of embellishments, western and ethnic style: From gemstone earrings and layered necklaces, to pearled maang tikkas and golden haath phools, we take you closer to the boldest currents in jewelry at an accessible price. For us, there is no such thing as quality equals expensive, as we believe in endurable pieces, which will be with you in your greatest moments without losing your savings.

As we are an online store, we know how important is a right-on-time delivery, as you will need your picks for unique occasions (or maybe just to pamper yourself!). That is why BBT Store does not only specialize on luxurious, handpicked global jewelry, we also got your delivery covered with faster shipments and one-on-one customer service. No automatic responses or answering machines, we want to hear your doubts and help you on every step, from the moment you purchase until it gets to your doorstep.

And even though we desire to give you nothing but fineness into your style, at BBT Store, we understand online shopping can get confusing sometimes, and maybe your chosen products didn’t turn out to be as expected. Your tranquility is important to us, a reason why we added a Return Policy: If you are not pleased with your pieces, BBT Store offers exchange and return.

We hope you look good, feel good! After all, that is our purpose.

Please DO NOT hesitates to send us a mail at for any complaints or suggestions to improve our services.

Our Mission

We see how much work you’ve put into your package design so when it comes to execution, Packwire offers nothing short of the best. Your ideal custom box comes to life with leading printing tools and the highest quality materials.

Our Vision

We aim to offer a final product that’s indistinguishable from the one you dreamed up. Watch your box concept take shape in real time and get exactly what you envisioned. The sky’s the limit!

Our Credo

Top brand recognition sets you apart from the other guys. Guided by your drive for success, Packwire keeps a close look on the entire box design process, ensuring an eye-catching package.

Our Team

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maya mitchell


john foster


Catherine ward


megan wells


michael young





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